Welcome to the Enzyme Research Group...


A collaborative research and education group that is dedicated to the greater understanding of enzymes.

This site is intended to provide education on enzymes, and provide a platform for health care professionals interested in sharing research and case studies. 

Additionally, we hope that our efforts to design and conduct new research on plant based enzymes will prove to be of great assistance to the evolving Enzyme Therapy practice.


About ERG

The Enzyme Research Group is where the scientist meets the clinician, bringing together clinical science with a know how of therapeutic practice. The ERG hopes to bridge the gap of knowledge, while being witness to the evolution of enzymes.

We were founded for the purpose of bringing the academic and healing community together to strategically obtain, and sustain a future of effective and proven clinical research for the sake of advancement in nutrition therapy, prevention and optimal health for the individual. In addition, to publishing the studies, we welcome the participation of alternative medical clinics throughout the US to share clinical data on this site.

Optimal health has many pathways, theories, and philosophies. We believe enzymes play a crucial and exciting role in optimal health. As health care professionals, in collaboration we can develop more reliable enzyme therapy protocols for the prevention and optimal health of those who count on us for nutritional counseling.


Mission and Vision

In a time where science based supplements are viewed as the premiere choice and Health Practitioners are looking for the most reliable and up to date information, we feel our organization closes the gap on confusion. Enzymes have been studied in Europe for over 50 years. However, most of the research has been focused on glandular or animal based enzymes. While we understand there is a place for these in treating patients, we would like to open up the opportunity for published research on specifically plant based enzyme therapy.


Our goal is to further the research and understanding of enzymes for nutritional therapy. We will meet this goal with science, credibility, passion, and with genuine collaboration.


Our proposed vision is to include as many collaborative groups and projects as possible and to bring together health professionals to ensure a comprehensive and efficacious outcome. Most of all, the synergistic philosophy will benefit all aspects of Enzyme Therapy, in finding evidence based nutrition for optimal health of the communities we thrive in by taking on the responsibility of seeking truth and wisdom in the evolution of Enzyme Therapy.